Childhood is the time for fun, exploration, and learning. What better way to do all three than art and play?

From colours to sports, the sky is the limit for a child’s imagination and infinite energy; energy that works in tandem with their emotions. At such a young age, with a limited vocabulary and a great deal of energy, children often struggle to comprehend and express their emotions and feelings. This is where art and play therapy makes all the difference.

By providing both, a safe emotional distance from their problems, and a creative and personalised outlet for their feelings, art and play therapy provides a flexible outlet for children to convey emotions that they do not have the words to describe.
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Art and play therapy sessions see a child work alongside a professional to safely share and display emotions. The expression of emotions may vary greatly from child to child. In day-to-day life children may present bad behaviours as a result of an inability to solve unspoken issues they may be struggling with. Long-term repression may result in anxiousness, self-isolating tendencies and difficulty processing traumas. Therefore, art and play therapy is of great effectiveness for children struggling with social, emotional, behavioural and learning problems.

Art and play therapy is a form of expression and reflection and a parent’s involvement is crucial to this process. Our fun and interactive, yet trusting and loyal staff are guaranteed to help work through issues and help the parents of our children to gain insight into their unique personalities. These sessions are particularly advised for children below the age of 12.