When looking at therapy in terms of children, we think ‘Fun, Free, and Forward’.

Dealing with children can be tricky. We aim to get through to our children with utmost love and respect. As children grow into adolescents, they tend to suffer from various issues (that are not
limited to) anxiety, stress, and persistent worry, being at the top of the list. Circumstantially, academic and school work have proven to be the root cause of these issues, in older children.
Various other factors may also contribute to an unhealthy mind in younger aged children.

Child and adolescent therapy, although very similar to adult therapy, may use several other avenues to help bring about change in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
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‘Fun’ – children are not known to turn away from fun. With this in mind, an engaging yet open ear stands key to our assessments. Using various other methods – ‘Art and Play Therapy’, for example, helps keep sessions interactive and enjoyable. Watching the little ones communicate through our various programmes is bound to spark interest from both sides.​

In today’s modern world, external factors of pressure, whether it be social, emotional or behavioural, can take a toll on children. Opinionated social media, peer pressure and open conversations may sometimes lead to doubt and undermining of one’s self-worth. The atmosphere we aim to provide is unrestricted, and in other words, ‘Free’. Allowing our children to express themselves with the constant reminder of guaranteed confidentiality, permits for a safe and open space to share, at all times. Providing an environment with respectful staff and peers, we are able to
show our children that trust is key.​

The word ‘Forward’, stands for itself. Whether it be forward thinking, or not looking back. We remain positive and bright in hopes of this energy rubbing of on our children. The concept of
continually looking ahead, brings about a sense of hope and encouragement, with positive results always on the horizon.​

Child & Adolescent Therapy is primarily focused on the proposed age group, offering emotional and goal support sessions alike. Empathetic ears and a friendly environment encourages openness and comfort throughout the experience.