Couples therapy or couples counselling, aims to improve romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflict.

In many ways, a relationship can be very easily compared to a car, constant work, maintenance and effort are essential to keep the system running. Often times, we are able to work through these situations on our own, however there are times when guidance is needed.

Couples therapy is a variation of psychotherapy, in which a professional works together with a couple in order to help them regain sight of their romantic relationship, and solidify foundations for the future. Utilising a variety of therapeutic interventions, assessments and counselling, our professionals are trained to provide their clients both skills and support in an unbiased manner.​
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A typical session begins with our professionals learning a about the background of the couple, thereby assisting both parties in identifying the issue to be addressed. This is then followed by structured conversation during which plans are created, and future goals are looked into. This process allows for both members of the couple to voice their opinions and concerns.

Developing a greater understanding of each other, the needs of their relationship, and the upcoming steps that may need to be taken, helps both partners to stand together on mutual ground.A common misunderstanding of couples therapy is that it is exclusively for married couples, however, that is not the case. Any stage of a relationship may require extra support or counselling.

Couples therapy isn’t the last resort to a struggling relationship but rather a tool to provide couples with a space to express concerns, feelings and resolve problems whilst being prepared for the future. Improving a relationship is not just about mending cracks but building and maintaining a strong foundation.