Our vision is to provide holistic, and wellness focussed environment and services, that provide opportunities for children and adults to address social-emotional development and mental health challenges. To achieve this, we have to be Superior, Gentle and Trusted. This is the heart of Snö Healthcare’s philosophy.

Superior. At Snö Wellness, we provide high quality, personalised treatment and management plans tailored to each patients’ needs.

We strongly emphasize the importance of patient education as the key to providing superior and effective care. We believe that education is as important as the diagnosis and treatment. We make it our goal to empower all patients with the needed knowledge and support so they can take control over their health and enjoy life.

Gentle. We provide an atmosphere of trust, compassionate care and uncompromised service.

Each of our patients have a unique concern and we make sure to closely work with each, drawing on the skills of the whole team to provide holistic care. We provide testing and treatment services that are gentle and state-of-the-art. Our clinic provides an atmosphere of friendliness, compassionate care and uncompromised service.

Trusted. We deliver the highest level of specialty care available by a dedicated team of qualified specialists.

We understand that our patients place a great deal of trust in our abilities, that’s why we assembled a dedicated team of specialists and qualified staff members. Backed by their advanced training and international experience, they deliver the highest level of personalised specialty healthcare available.